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  Document Biotechnololgy anyone?

Henry M. Jackson High School student shows a future biotechnology engineer some of the crafts' basics

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  Document Chrome Books are fun

Here, students enjoy working on Chrome Books which they will use in March to take the new state required tests. This is the first year that all Washington state students will be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessments online. The majority of students say this is a lot more fun and a lot more what they are used to using than the old paper and pens.

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  Document Girls build robots too!

Members of the Whittier Elementary Robotics team catch up with their robot's antics while the crowd cheers

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  Document Graphics arts

A Cascade High School student oversees the work of a first grade student using sophisticated graphics arts technology. Clearly evident at the Celebration of Innovation is young student's familiarity and comfort with using technology to display knowledge -- and, in many cases, their family member's awe at such display of skills.

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  Document IMG_7627.JPG

Bailey, Sequoia High student using Naviance

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  Document IMG_7629.JPG

Showing off Naviance which helps students explore and plan for their future after high school

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  Document Intergenerational learning

Dad learns from son just how engaging this educational technology can be

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  Document My Sqord is better than your Sqord

Sequoia High School principal and an elementary school student compare their scores as recorded on Sqords. Fifth-grade PE students use Sqords as part of their PE curriculum to track their movements and learn about healthy activity. A goodly number of adult staff have been bitten by the Sqord bug too.

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  Document NERDS on KNEES

North's Engineering Robotics Design Squad (NERDS) closely monitor the progress of their robot

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  Document Starting young

This is the evening's youngest participant in the Woodside Technology Petting Zoo. Perfectly comfortable with a stylus (but less so on her feet), this pre-toddler knows all about doodling on a screen.

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  Document Woodside Technology Petting Zoo

At the Woodside ElementaryTechnology Petting Zoo (complete with barn and white picket fence), students of all ages practiced with Engineering is Elementary materials. The STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) materials are part of every elementary school's STEM curriculum. Every elementary school in the district also has a robotics club.

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